About Us

Here at the Social Solutions Academy we aim to…

Create a connected society where everyone gains. We are brilliant at identifying connections for those who need with those who can.
We provide social entrepreneurs with business training and action learning tools.\
We’re also great at inspiring people everywhere to act powerfully, individually and together, to make a world that works for everyone!

A little about our founder…

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”- Budda

Hello my name is Fabio! I am a social entrepreneur, writer and publisher. I started my career in the community sector two decades ago. I’ve been the Chair of the Board for a social enterprise, a charity and also a housing association. I’ve also been employed in regeneration and local government. Throughout my career I’ve advised Commissioners and Central Government Policy Advisers. I have work with paid and unpaid leaders striving to make a difference at local, regional, national and international levels.
My experience has developed my desire and passion to motivate and inspire others. I encourage people to create a living legacy. I support people interested in setting up or growing a social and environmental enterprises. I also provide advice and guidance to businesses interested in renewable energy.
I use my specialist knowledge base to guide and inform others. I am an energetic, innovative and highly creative thinker, trainer and mentor. I work with individuals seeking guidance on career or business development and broader areas of self-improvement. In my work as an adult trainer my group workshops will teach you:
How to develop Intelligent Networking Skills
How to turn your ideas into reality
How to harness the power of relationships to grow your social business
How to improve your employability skills
How to grow your on-line marketing presence (on-line tutorials )
I self-financed the Social Solutions Academy (SSA) in September 2009. We create pioneering business education and personal development events. Our workshops and seminars been delivered to over 350 social entrepreneurs, public sector representatives and private sector executives. Working and training others from an action learning philosophy is important to our team. I am personally interested in the self-development industry. My mentors and role models are leaders in their fields.

“Very informative. It’s good to know there are people out there that can help”
– Lisa Masset, learner at ‘Social Enterprise: How to Get Started’-

My writing activities are not restricted the social enterprise sector. Wider topics of interest include history, personal development and the Law of Attraction. If you’re interested in my writing journal please follow my .
I am very excited to share the message of the SSA with wider audiences. Many of our training workshops are now delivered on-line. We are adopting the marketing lessons of the Empower Network. We’ve seen amazing results in a short space of time. Check out how the life changing movement is helping to helping to heal the world financially, emotionally. People like myself are becoming empowered to live out our dreams!!
The work I do as an educator, advisor, mentor and writer reflect my spiritual values and philosophies. Life is love. My life purpose is to help others. Together we can co-create a world you and I want to live in.
Final thoughts…
“Only focus on thoughts that make you feel outstanding! Now you attract magical & uplifting people and events into your life!”
I look forward to co-creating with you
Love and Light