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Seminar: Introduction to Action Learning

Being in business can be a lonely journey. Social entrepreneurs may find this journey is an isolating experience. Successful social entrepreneurs are in a league of their own. Professional development is important for this elite group. As a premier provider of practical learning tools we would like to ensure social entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits of action learning. This learning style will help social leaders build on existing values and principles. Genuine action learning helps social leaders to reach your goals with destroying your integrity of purpose.

What you will learn:

  • What genuine action learning is and how it works
  • How genuine action learning will help you as a leader to create a learning organisation
  • What the relationship is between ‘action learning’ and working with a coach

You will also have an opportunity to network with other specially selected high achieving social leaders.

Masterclass: Get to Know your customers

When: Date to be confirmed
Experience a high energy, action focused and interactive workshop based on your present research needs and challenges.

Around 279,000 businesses were shut down in 2009. Business Analysts argue the lack of planning is one of the main reasons businesses fail. As experienced researchers we know some people are not interested in developing their research and planning skills. We wish them all the best with their ventures. The benefits of using information for on-going business development is significant. This interactive workshop will improve your investigative skills and give you confidence to manage your future research needs.

What you will learn:

  • What type of data is useful
  • How to plan and organise research
  • How to use cost effective techniques to address a present research challenge