Membership Packages

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Level One: Connectors’ Membership

Here at the Social Solutions Academy we have a range of support packages to help your social enterprise build on its strengths and seize opportunities.
Benefits for you

  • Our Network Managers work hard to know your project, understand your needs and introduce you to people who can make your enterprise happen
  • You can access business support from experienced members who work in the social sector and understand the issues you face
  • You can partner with like or complementary innovators who can add to your vision
  • You get support specific to your sector, not just general advice
  • 40% discounts on our annual programme of training, seminars, workshops & conferences
  • Fortnightly private members message packed with up-to-date industry related news

“I had been in several online conversations with members of the network prior to actually coming to one. It was really good to have already broken the ice (in a cyber way) before face to face introductions.  Who I was and was very welcoming and made effort to ensure I was introduced to people of interest to me.

Level Two: Innovators’ Learning and Development Package

Like others social entrepreneurs ‘learn by doing’ which is an effective way to increase confidence, social capital and business skills.
Benefits for you

Our level two members gain all the benefits of the level 1 Connectors’ membership plus:

  • You will access structured monthly opportunities to work in a small group of motivated social entrepreneurs to understand the benefits of genuine action learning. This intensive approach will accelerate your ability to reflect; learn and develop
  • Each month you will bring different business challenges to your learning group
  • You will access a bespoke communication and personal development programme
  •  FREE access to our online ‘Intelligent Tendering Assitant’ an innovative service to help you save time and money during the tendering process.

Group members provide peer-to-peer support and share their experiences of working through similar challenges. You will work in the same learning set for one year.

Level Three: Leaders’ Learning & Development

Our Level 3 members are welcomed into the VIP INNER CIRCLE of the Social Solutions Academy
Benefits for you

You will access monthly learning sets as described in our level 2 Innovators’ Learning and Development programme PLUS as a member of the VIP INNER CIRCLE you will also gain access to:

  • Personal business mentoring-monthly meetings and telephone support
  • Assignments from our bespoke activity based Leaders’ toolkit
  • Personal development materials

“I felt anxious at first but I’ve seen a change. I now feel happy and excited. Our coaching has help, as I’ve learnt at a lot. My ways of thinking has changed. I feel more confident as the coaching programme has helped my confidence”.