Work Placements

The Social Solutions Academy works closely with the University of Manchester. Our access to undergraduates and post graduate students enables us to organise work placement to members and non– members.

How does it work?

  • Interested organisations submit an outline of the project or type of skills you’re seeking
  • We recruit and interview potential interns and brief them about your organisation’s needs
  • Organisations are invited to attend networking event to meet with potential interns
  • Internship is arranged for a minimum of 4 weeks

What’s in it for you?

  • Significantly boost workplace productivity by putting students to work
  • Demonstrate your commitment to giving something back to others
  • We will support you to manage your intern including access to a bespoke toolkit, exit interview and evaluation

“I’ m very enthusiastic and really love being a part of the group. I think that I’ve learned lot of values from this experience. The work I’ve undertaken was mainly in administration and data input and I really enjoyed it. I’m really grateful for being a part of the team!! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!!